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Uncle Buster,

I have no idea what happened.

I was pulled through the door after you I saw you soaring a few hundred feet ahead. (You looked so relaxed. I always wonder why traveling this way never bothers you. I just want to hurl George feels the same way.)

I aimed my hands straight out, just like you taught me and I was flying like Supergirl when something grabbed hold of me. Not a thing really, but a force. I felt it hug me and then tug me sideways and away from your path.
I saw you vanish in the distance.

For a long while I couldn’t hear or see anything.

I just felt the tight hug that the force had on me and I was starting to have trouble breathing. I think I came close to blacking out. (I recognized the sensation from that time I had that awfully high fever and my knees gave out on me.)

The door rushed up towards me and I crashed through and into your lab. I tumbled on the floor and hit your desk with such force that I bruised my knees and smashed my face on the corner of the desk.

It was awful!

The pain was so bad I couldn’t get up for a long while. I cried, Uncle Buster… I kept crying for someone to help me but there was nobody upstairs.

Finally, after almost an hour, I made my way to the basement stairs and crawled to the top. The door was locked. I kicked it and threw my body into it over and over but it would not budge.

I went back down the stairs to your spare-parts case where I knew you kept your failed gadgets. I found the sonic-drill you made last year. Remembering that you were disappointed that it didn’t do so good a job at drilling holes as it did blasting things to pieces, I tried it out in the door. One pull of the trigger and the gun glowed and screamed and then blew a giant hole in the basement door.

I crawled through the hole and into the kitchen.

The house was empty and the lights were off. I called for Mom and Dad anyway.

The windows were so dark. I peeled back the curtains and found that there were bricks behind the frames.

I tried to open the side door to see if anyone’s was outside and the door was locked somehow so I used the sonic-drill again. The door exploded.

Carefully, I leaned out of the doorframe and looked around.

There was nothing to see.

The world outside was black, like the deepest of space.

The neighborhood was gone.

I crawled back into the house.

Wired things; The kitchen was stocked with food. The electricity worked. The lights turned on. Even the TV worked.

I found my room just as I had left it.

I have no idea where I am, Uncle Buster, but I’ve been here for almost a year.

The doors in the basement no longer had power.

The phone doesn’t work, but your lap-top seems to work.

No internet.

The kitchen never seems to run out of food and the water runs just fine… But I am going crazy. I am so alo xxgtuisjjn nnjsnxjjsnx x
43740!;:69076 be, so, figuring that the electricity was on I spent a lot of time in the lab trying to find a way out. I thought maybe I could get the doors to work. Cgdhtttbennsooisn3333333; ynx600011 md b.Ut your main comm unit finally popped on line and I figured, I better try and send you a message before it was too la77777773.;;:@# interupt 555 code 684562.45
I don’t know if this is going to work or not, but I am going to send this to the last time I saw you hoping that you’ll retur4444 code 555 interup:—–
55339.445 coordinates and find me here soo444…


End transmission :5437789226:network:55:time4.30.2014 2:48