—begin voice command—–
—-open file—– record text—-
—-hold file and do not release until the code is given——
——lock 45110**Bb—–


I’m sure you’ve heard the following saying with many variations; “Don’t shoot me…I’m only the messenger.”

Sometimes people twist it and say “don’t blame me…” Or “don’t look at me…”

What I’m about to say is kind of like that…

Despite how much responsibility I should take for inventing the machine I feel I am still only “the messenger” when I am faced with telling you the truth about the future.

I feel the need to type this today but I will not release it for your view until I think you are old enough to read it.

I saw future that would have happened but will not happen because I have changed it. In this future you hurt yourself pretty badly following me through one of my doors. I should have been more responsible. I was furious when “S” sent that note. I was blinded by my need to make things right and bring that criminal to justice. I should not have left you behind.
Or did I?

When I arrived, there you were. Hurt and mentally exhausted from the waiting. He was nowhere to be found. After seeing you, he didn’t matter to me any longer.

I knew that what I had to do was go back… Go back to before the moment when you were pulled through that door…. Go back and stop the event from happening.

And I did.

Now, what happened, happens to not happen.

That’s the way it should be.

I know you’ll have questions.

I know you’ll want to know what I saw in the future.

You’ll be curious about this future self… About what she was going through.

I just can’t tell you yet… But if I don’t write something now, I’ll go mad.

So, I am locking this transmission until you are old enough enough to read it. After you read this, come and find me. By the time you read this, I’ll probably have been missing for several years. The code is at the bottom of this transmission. Type it into the Cobalt 678 console and everything will be clear. You’ll know what to do.

I always tell you and your friends to be careful. Small events can change the future dramatically. Correcting an event in the past can, sometimes, do more damage than good. I had to take that chance. Your safety and happiness is what is important.

Looking back you’ll understand why I had to do what I did. You’ll know why I had to go away.

You’ll understand why, when you returned from the grocery store, the doors in the lab were charred. Why there was a fire. Why the doors were dead.

It wasn’t an accident.

It’s time I returned home.


—–hold transmission—–
—–end recording——-