Molly asked me an odd question this afternoon.

“Uncle Buster, has anyone ever drawn your picture before?”

She stood in front of my work bench wearing her usual pink over-alls but the multi-colored cap was missing. In place of the cap she was wearing a hair-band that had decorative button fastened all around.

“No more cap?” I asked.

“I’m experimenting with a new style,” she said, “and you’re changing the subject.”

“I really don’t think I have a face someone would want to draw…”

“Sure you do, Uncle!” She put her thumbs up and then mimed placing my face in a frame.

Something was up…

“Okay… What’s going on?”

“The first week of school is always great,” she said. “The homework assignments are always easy and fun.”

“What’s the assignment?”

“I have to paint or draw a picture of a family member and then write a few paragraphs summarizing that persons life or explain why that person is important to me.”

“Talk to your father,” I said. “He’s a ham. He’ll pose.”

“Nope. I want to draw a picture of you.” She stared at me waiting for an answer. “You’re pulling on the hairs of your beard,” she said.

“Yes… I am.”

“That tells me that you’re thinking about it,” she said. “You always yank on your beard when you’re considering something.”

“Yes, I am.”

After a long minute she shrugged. “Well? Can I draw a picture of you or not?”

“Okay, but with one condition,” I said.

“What’s the condition?”

“I get to draw you too.”

“You can draw?” Molly tilted her head and squinted.

“Have you ever seen one of my inventions?” I waved my hands around the lab. “I have to draw up blueprints before I start building anything. I am a bit of an artist, if I you don’t mind me saying so.”

“I did not know that,” she said.

“Yep. You learn something new about your old Uncle Buster every day, don’t you?”

“Okay… Who draws who first?” Molly asked genuinely happy.

I reached into my desk draw and pulled out a box of pencils and a small pad. “Stay right where you are,” I told her.

“But… But…” She stammered.

“Stay still!” I demanded. “I’m an artist at work!”