My intention was to build a bridge between the present and a favorite library that burned down to the ground long ago. Nowhere else could I find certain, near-ancient, physics books when I needed them.

When I stepped through my door and reached the other side, I fell to the ground.My glasses fell from my nose and skittered across the floor, the sound reverberating throughout the enormous room. I crawled a couple of feet to where they had, fortunately, not shattered and hooked them around my ears. As I stood up, I examined my new surroundings. This was not my old library. It was most certainly a museum.

It appeared that, beside the massive displays of dinosaur bones and models of extinct creatures, I was the only one in the great hall.

Rather than return home, I strolled the first of many exhibit area and played a game, in my mind, trying to add up the clues in order to determine where and when I had arrived. The area was dimly lit.

As I passed each window display it became clear to me that I was in the Natural History Museum located in London. I had been to this museum in my youth and recognized one of the displays. Now… what year was it?

Sirens screamed in the distance, outside the building. What little light was available was snuffed as a loud snap reverberated through the building.

I heard footsteps approaching. I turned and saw several people running my way. As they reached my position one of the men, wearing a hard protective helmet, urged me to follow. “This way, man. Hurry. There is little time. The planes are approaching.”

“Planes?” I asked while jogging alongside he and the others.

“The Nazi’s. Good gosh, man. The Nazi’s! They are headed this way. can’t you hear them?”

I listened and heard the hum of a squadron of planes. Maybe I should have returned home when I had the chance?

“Are you one of the men working on the neanderthal exhibit?” asked the only woman in the group. She was several years younger than me, wore a smart looking blue dress with a matching jacket. She reached out and pushed a door in the hall that opened to a staircase leading down into a darkened area.

I wasn’t sure what would the best answer but I was certain that the truth would not be acceptable. “I’m working on a special physics display,” I said trying to be as vague as possible.

The woman paused as the others ran down the stairs. She lifted an eyebrow and stared at me. I could tell she did not believe my lie.

“Julia, hurry,” said the fellow who greeted me first in the hall. “Everyone, downstairs.” He turned a flashlight on and aimed it down the stairs in order for people to see though the darkness.

As my feet hit the steps, there was a tremendous explosion somewhere nearby. The building shook and dust fell from the ceiling. Julia stumbled and I caught her in my arms. The door behind me slammed shut and the fellow with the flashlight fell several feet ahead into the others. He dropped his flashlight. As it rolled away, I saw more shadows in the room then there were people.

“The Nazi’s are bombing London,” I said aloud.

“Watch out,” Julia yelled.

I model of a bear-like creature fell from it’s stand and crashed on top of me. I felt something crack as my head slammed against the hard floor and then I felt my legs turn numb and then I felt nothing at all.

Somewhere in the distance I could hear a woman’s voice. She was yelling “Mister… Mister…”