Uncle Buster,

I have not seen you in a long while. Usually the tree would be up by now.
Did you take that lady Julia back to her time?
She was nice. She kind’a fit in.

I’ve been trying to reach you on the Comm Unit for weeks. Nothing.
Then I figured it out. Somehow you connected this stupid blog to the main Comm. You’re supposed to be the smartest guy around! If I could figure it out, don’t you think anyone else could?

Now I have to communicate with you using a public blog?? This is just nuts.

So, anyway. The big day is coming up and there’s no tree. Every year we have the Big Reveal; where you turn the lights on and there’s a perfect tree. Every year we think you can’t match the last one, but there it is; a perfect tree, just like the year before.

In fact… exactly like the year before. Don’t think I haven’t figured it out. It IS the same darn tree, Uncle Buster. Every year. The same tree. and… I miss it!

It always looks perfect on the Big Reveal day but then the next day it looks like garbage. It looks like a Charlie Brown tree.

Well… I miss that too. The living room is empty without our crazy looking tree.

When you missed the Big Reveal day, Dad said he was going to run out and buy a tree from the House Depot store. Me and Mom begged him not to. I told him “Uncle Buster will be back. He’ll bring a tree and surprise all of us.”

So, where the heck are you?

We need a little Holiday Magic, Uncle Buster!


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