—-start voice command module session transfer protocol 99IT-1945-8-12-54335gzz6t—-


You clever little girl! You figured out what I did.

Why would I use this blog, you ask? Do you have any idea how much energy is ripping through the web? Wiring connected all around the world!! I’m amazed… And you know it takes a lot to amaze me. It was the best choice. Where else could I tap into a wire structure that size?

So here I am… Stuck in the 1940’s. I took Julia back to her home just beyond the end of the war. She us safe and happily reunited with her family.

The tree is not up. I know. So, you think it’s the same tree every year? Really? Am I that obvious?

Hang in there, Kiddo. I’ll be home soon. It’s going to take a little bit if work to get this door open again. But, even if I get it open, I think I may stick around to help my new friends clean up this mess.

– Uncle Buster

—-end voice command module session transfer protocol 99IT-1945-8-12-54335gzz6t—