There are two problems with being a Time Traveler with Frequent Flyer Miles;
Temptation and Disappointment.
You probably think that there is much more to be concerned about, and there are, but these are the two biggies as far as I’m concerned.
Temptation: We Time Travelers are constantly faced with the temptation to change events in the past in order to influence or alter the future. Sometimes we think we can make a small change and correct what has gone wrong. Save a life. Win the Lotto. Save the lives on the Titanic….
But, even though, sometimes, we can do these things… We really shouldn’t .
Disappointment: I’m not referring to any disappointment I experience… it’s all about the people we care about.
Molly, you know this is about you. But you’re not the only one I’ve disappointed. You’re probably still steamed at me for what I did over the holidays. The whole Tree thing was unacceptable.
Why can’t I stay in one place?
I don’t know.
Why can’t I come back home when I promise that I will?
I don’t know.
Why can’t I just return a minute after I left? We TT’s should be able to pull that trick off easily. (We can…)
I don’t know….
Anyway… What I mean to say is I’m back.
I know you’re going to ask where I’ve been so let me just get it out of the way now;
I went back to see my old company… My old staff. Back to that time when they respected me. When the government looked to us for answers. I needed to experience that again.
I sat in my old chair.
Drank from my old mug with my company logo….
I stayed a little too long.
Time is a Hungry Beast.
But, you’ll proud to know I didn’t change a thing.
The ribbon cutting ceremony went as badly as you probably remember and her singed hair still made the papers.
I was disgraced and run out of business.
I watched it all from the shadows.
Nothing changed.
Good times….
So… Maybe we can all have dinner later.
Tell your Mom and my brother that I’m home.