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Uncle Buster!
I love the old radio. Ever since I saw the wood radio in that orphanage, when we went back to the 40’s, I have secretly wanted to own one.
Did you know?
This one is a beauty!
Wait until George sees it. I bet he’s gonna want one too.
I see that you have it wire to the right door. Is that why it doesn’t bring in any modern stations?
I was listening to a News program and the announcer said it was April 27th. I soon figured out that the year was 1935!
‘Hope you don’t mind that I’ve been hanging around the basement lab and listening to some shows while doing my homework. It’s actually nice and warm down here. (Brrrrrrr…. It’s so cold outside. There is ice everywhere. I heard Mom say that this winter is really depressing her. Can weather do that? Make you depressed?)
I was just listening to a show called Flash Gordon. So much fun. A planet is hurtling toward Earth and this guy Flash Gordon is going to try and save everyone. He meets up with a scientist called Zarkov. Radio doesn’t have any pictures so, in my mind, I pictured him to look like you.
I wonder what he really looked like? The guy who played him…. Probably nothing like you at all.
Thanks again for being there at the dinner table the other night. It was great to have the whole Family back together again.
Darwin is doing okay. Although he keeps pacing in front of the middle door. Is that where you went? ‘Through the middle door? When are you coming home?
I hope you can read this where you are.

Okay… ‘Back to my homework.

Oh… Wait.

A package arrived for you today vxewiooem djembe rom that guy you,nebh njejjndj x1200 7elling me about. Looks very serious in the brow2999!s z oh n paper and string. Who does that anymore? Stri11111ing?

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———–auto connect retry
———–connection failed