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Uncle Buster,

Why did anyone ever invent the television? I am hooked on these old radio shows.

The other night, I listened to a show called “LIGHTS OUT.” The episode was called “The Ninth Life.” Wow… So much fun. I could see everything in my head.

That guy was here looking for you again. Sullivan… Sullivaine… something like that. He’s very pushy. Dad thinks he’s a vacuum salesman. He likes to pop by before dinner and acts like you two are old friends. Dad was polite the first few times but, last night, I heard him step outside and yell at the man. Dad actually growled. (I guess it runs in the family, huh?)

Also, another package arrived for you. It’s kind’a big. I left it in the back of the lab with the others. Maybe it was because the truck had their heater on… I don’t know… but it was very warm. ‘No idea what is inside. I won’t ask because you’ll probably tell me to mind my own bee’s wax. Anyway… you have a lot of packages to open when you get back.

Hope you come home soon. I need help with my science homework. (Mom and Dad are NO HELP at all. )

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