..55-sport89 815 log in temp pwinitiate voice control. Voice print: Molly Brightbuckle.

start program in 3….2…..1
Uncle Buster. 

I can’t reach you by phone and you never seem to be in your lab.

Yet, I see you in the lab all of the time.

But it’s not really you is it?

Some days you look older than you should.

Other days you look much younger.

Older-You pays a little bit more attention to me than younger. 

When you’re here, and younger, you seem impatient and just want to do your work. Work, which is much different than Older-You.

Younger-You likes to dig through the blueprint drawers and make a lot of notes.

Older-You spends a lot of time smashing things in the basement. 

Older-You is nicer and smiles a lot.

I’ve figured out that Younger-You is very impatient and wants to find out what his Older-Self has invented so he can get to working on it before he actually has.

Older-You is smashing everything he’s not happy with.

So, the question is; Where’s You-You? The You from this time has been missing for a while.

By the way; You missed my camp recital. Mom and Dad couldn’t make it because of work and you promised that you would show up and shoot some home videos. Personally I didn’t really care about the video. I just wanted you to see me do my dance routine with the other kids. It was really fun even though it was just stupid how Ginny Flint banged into everyone on stage yet got the most applause. I think several generations of her family were on the lawn watching the show.

Anyway… you missed it.

So… if you get to reading this, or hearing it, please come back home soon. Older-You is downstairs right now smashing one of the doors. He doesn’t look happy and I think Dad is going to throw him out of the house soon because he’s making so much noise.

Oh… One more thing; George and Speegeltog said hello.

Love ya,


End Voice command

Embed recording–55-sport89—finalize.

Terminate VCM