Computer log activate.


Post transcript to Network. 

Allow viewing.

I’m running this transmission on the public network in hopes that you will read it. 

It seems only a moment ago that I stepped through the portal with Molly leaving Amelia and her friend to their fate on that island. 

It seems only a moment for me.

For Molly it’s been almost a year.

We were separated as we tossed and turned through that nauseating vortex that was to take us home. There, for a lack of a better description, a bump in the cosmic road. 

Once through a door, it’s important to not fight the turbulence because the turbulence only fights back. It’s best to ride it out like an old rollercoaster. Molly, having journeyed through many doors, has become an expert. The spinning and flipping no longer makes her sick. She just lets the power of the door pull her along until she’s reached her destination.

I wish I had done the same.

I guess I still have control issues. When that bump threw me, I fought it and tried to right myself and control my direction. Bad idea, Buster.

Molly went one way, the right way, and I went another.

I crashed through the door in my basement laboratory and tumbled across the floor. I face-planted right into Darwin’s water bowl. My trusty mutt peaked out from behind the desk and his tired eyes came alive when he recognized the face in his bowl. He licked the water from my face, spun around in circles, ran to grab a toy and then back for more face licking. He did this repeatedly until my face was covered in slobber and the floor around me littered with old toys and bones.

Why am I carrying in about this? My mind is easily distracted. There are important matters to consider.

Exhausted, Darwin collapse at my side and rested his head in my lap as I sat on the floor and breathed away the sickening feeling in my stomach and shook off the dizzy feeling in my head.

“Computer,” I said aloud, “what is the date?”

A panel of lights flickered in the back of the lab and a computer screen snapped on. I heard the whirring of drives and the hum of electrical power. 

“The date is April 20th, 2017,” the pleasant female voice said. I had modeled the voice from a favorite sci-fi television show I watched in my youth.

“April…” I said to myself. “Wait… the year is 2017?” We were supposed to arrive in May of 2016.

“Yes, Professor,” the computer replied, “the year is 2017.”

“Computer, check historical records for Molly Brightbuckle’s arrival through the lab door.”

After a few clicks and hum-hum-hum sound, the computer answered, “Mollly Brightbuckle has yet to return from her journey. Last known location is Island AA-224.”

Brother, if you are reading this, I am sorry. For you, it’s been a year since your little girl vanished. For me, it’s been a few moments.

I dread the idea of climbing those steps to the kitchen and seeing you and Mary there. I dread the questions and the demands.

I am a coward.

Instead… I am going to find Molly and bring her back to the correct time. I will bring her back to May if 2016 and make this right again.

“Computer,” I commanded, “find Molly Brightbuckle’s ring.”

Years ago I had given Molly a ring that she could activate as a beacon if she was ever lost. Eventually, the ring was just one of the many little things she wore every day, like the necklace you and Mary had bought for her when she turned nine. 

“Searching…” the computer said. 

I waited.

“Ring 557982 has been located.,” the computer said.

“Program location into the second door,” I said, “and power the coils.”

“Programmed,” the computer said.

I stood up and approached the door. Darwin watched with disappointment on his canine face.

“Computer, when is this door taking me.”

After another series of clicks and hums, the computer said, “April 20th, 1692”

“16…92?” I gasped, “where?”

“Salem, Massachusetts,” said the computer.

“Set up door number three and program the door to open as close to ring as possible,” I instructed.

The laboratory vibrated from the surge of power. Brother, I hear you run across the kitchen floor above and yell Molly’s name. I must go… I promise you… I’ll find her.

End recording.

Post to public network

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Voice Authroize.

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