Hello, World!

My name is Buster Brightbuckle. I am an inventor, tinkerer, movie fan, avid book reader and time traveler.
Yes, I do realize that last bit seems strange but it is true. I really do enjoy traveling through time. But… Who doesn’t?
Ever since my laboratory was shut down by that mindless government agency, I have been spending my creative days in my laboratory which is located in the basement of my brother Skip’s home. He’s a great guy for letting me live here and I do pitch in around the house and make myself useful. I am no loafer!
I have upgraded the family vacuum cleaner, the toaster, the three televisions and the main bathroom toilet. (There is nothing I can’t make work better.) Skip is thrilled to be the first on the block with such hi-tech wonders.
I am also tasked with keeping an eye on my adventurous young niece, Molly, who has convinced me to start this on-line record. She believes it will be good for me to try and connect with the world after all I’ve been through. She thinks I spend too much time alone and should find ways of connecting with the world.
So… Hello, World! I hope you enjoy my on-line adventures and posts.
-Buster Brightbuckle